Blazing Wins – All About the Biggest Hot Drop Jackpots in July!

Hot Drop Jackpots have been blazing all summer, and this article is dedicated to all our happy Hot Drop Jackpots winners. These lucky players beat the heat with some cool cash, and we’re tallying up their sweltering prizes below.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. What Hot Drop Jackpots are
  2. How to win Hot Drop progressive jackpots
  3. How much jackpot money was won
  4. Top winners
  5. Games that gave out the most Hot Drop dollars
  6. And more!

Wait, what are Hot Drop Jackpots?

If you haven’t had a chance to play them yet, here’s the lowdown

Hot Drop Jackpots are a new addition to certain slot games at Ignition like Reels of FortuneA Night with CleoGolden Buffalo, and 777 Deluxe. You spin the reels like normal, but Hot Drops are a type of must drop jackpots that have been added to the game. This means more money and more wins!

When you hit three Hot Drop symbols, you trigger the Hot Drop bonus wheel. It will spin, awarding you one of three types of progressive jackpots: hourly, daily, and super. Read the full Hot drop jackpots article.

How do you win Hot Drop Jackpots?

The biggest tip is to keep an eye on the Hot Drop status in any participating slot game. If you play at the beginning of the day, all jackpots are generally active. If you check in towards the end of any deadline and see that a jackpot hasn’t dropped – that’s probably your best time to play. The chances will go sky-high of a win as the seconds tick down on the hourly and daily.

Another tip is to play when all jackpots are active. This maximizes your chance of becoming one of our Hot Drop Jackpots winners.

Speaking of which, want to know just how much cash landed in player accounts in July?

How much Hot Drop money did Ignition give out in July?

July’s Ignition Hot Drop Jackpots winners scored big! These must drop jackpots had people spinning, winning, and grinning. Here are the details:

These winners cannonballed into our prize pools and came up soaked with cash. Now THAT’s the way to beat the summer heat! We’re thirsty for an ice-cold strawberry lemonade just talking about it.

Hot Drop Jackpots Top Winners

Samantha D. tore up 777 Deluxe to the tune of over $246,000. We know what it’s like to chase progressive jackpots in that game, but imagine how surprised she must have been when a whole new symbol showed up! Forget the golden 7s in the bonus round, Sam hit the Hot Drops and never looked back. That Super jackpot gave her a summer she’ll never forget, we bet!

While Sam was rocking the 7s, player Christopher B. from Rockwell, North Carolina was taming a whole herd of golden buffalo. By the time he was done with his spins, he had crushed the Hot Drop wheel for over $243,000! Six reels of western fun led to one of the year’s biggest wins at Ignition.

For our Hot Drop Jackpots US players, the summer brought a whole new kind of heat!

Hot Drop Jackpots game previews

777 Deluxe

Samantha’s big win was on a game that many of our slot fans will know: 777 Deluxe. This is a classic themed slot that’s dressed up in a modern style. It’s quite chill to spin the reels and let the light EDM soundtrack take you through a session. Read the full 777 Deluxe game review here.

Normally, you need to land 3 scatter question mark symbols, which turn into bonus symbols. This brings up a row of sevens that spin and land on certain colors with designated payouts. The standard progressive jackpot of the game then pays out when you hit three golden sevens.

Hot Drops changes things up by adding the Hot Drop symbol to the reels. If three appear, you’re on to the Hot Drop wheel for a prize!

This one is a great choice if you love the fruits, 7s, and BARs of a traditional slot machine, but want a visual upgrade.

Golden Buffalo

Chris’s game is a bit more lively, and has more character. This one is like a bouncing trail ride

through the American southwest. There’s a twangy theme song, the sounds of cicadas in the brush and hawks overhead, and dusty mesas in the distance.

It also has SIX reels, which is pretty much unheard of. If you want the chance to get a huge max payout without even triggering a bonus round, this game could give it to you. Six reels means six symbols lining up on a game that pays 4,096 ways and has a max wild multiplier of 3,125. No wonder it was one of our most popular slots even before Hot Drops.

Now, with added must drop jackpots, this golden herd is stampeding around the world! Read the full Golden Buffalo game review here.

Let’s play some Hot Drop Jackpots games

It’s time to check out those totals and timings. These daily jackpot slots could be dropping a big prize any minute! Find a game that’s to your liking and next month, you could be on this list!

Get in the game fast with crypto

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