5 Easy Hacks to win at Hot Drop Jackpots

These 5 profitable Hot Drop Jackpots hacks will have you winning mucho dinero!

Now that Hot Drop Jackpots US games are here, your favorite slots are paying out every hour, every day. Slots like A Night With Cleo, Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe , Lady’s Magic Charms and Reels of Fortune have all come out supercharged with extra progressive jackpots. 

While it’s true that you can never control when a jackpot hits, there are ways to increase your chances. Some games require a max bet. Others may not offer progressive jackpots at all. And timing can be the difference when it comes to Hot Drop Jackpots. So, to help you get on a hot win streak, we’ve got some tips.

In this article, we’ll cover our five top hacks to help you win more daily jackpot slots:

⦁ Situations that offer maximum returns
⦁ What to look for to know when it’s time to drop a jackpot
⦁ How to schedule play sessions for profit
⦁ How to earn extra bonuses
⦁ And more!

Hot Drop Jackpots Features

Hot Drop Jackpots MUST DROP. By the end of the hour, the Hourly Jackpot is going to be won by someone – guaranteed! The same is true by the end of the day for the Daily. And to keep things spicy, the Epic Jackpot can pay out any time with no maximum amount. One way or another, someone is always hitting these jackpots.

You can tell when they’re ready to drop. Hot Drop Jackpots are visible from your favorite slot games. If it’s getting close to the hour and the hourly hasn’t dropped, you will see some dancing flames around the jackpot amount. You’ll know it’s time to play! If it has already dropped, you will see the time window for the next drop as well.

Jackpots of all sizes. It’s not just huge jackpots that are hard to hit – Hot Drop Jackpots US are available in Hourly, Daily, and Epic. There’s just so many chances to win!

5 Tips to use when playing Hot Drop Jackpots

Tip #1 – Play when jackpots are available for more winning potential

Many of our must drop jackpots winners were spinning the reels when all three jackpots were live. It maximizes your chances of winning one. This might seem basic, but if you’re playing after jackpots have hit, you haven’t got the chance to win them. So it pays to keep an eye on the Hot Drop Jackpots widget to see which ones are available and which are paid out. You’ll see a little timer next to each type.

The hourly jackpot says “Must drop in next 00:33:41.” This means that in the next 33 minutes and 41 seconds, the hourly is going to be paid out. Saddle up and ride out – there’s golden buffaloes in them thar hills!

Tip #2 – Play when jackpots are close to being hit/dropped

Daily jackpot slots are kind of simple, in a way. If they haven’t hit all day and the clock is winding down, you know it’s Go Time. For that reason, it really can be profitable to play slots close to drop deadlines.

If a day is only minutes from ending and the jackpot is still live, your chances are better than they were earlier in the day. As the seconds tick on, odds keep increasing. That’s the basic idea behind Hot Drop Slots. The players that are there at the deadline have the best shot winning!

Tip #3 – Play when jackpots are hot

This is a visual cue. You will literally see the jackpots get a ring of flames. It couldn’t be clearer that things are going supernova, right? If you see the fire dancing around a jackpot, it is your signal to spin the reels on whichever Hot Drop Jackpot slot game you like best.

For those who don’t know, Hot Drop Jackpot symbols are how players trigger a win. In addition to the normal symbols on applicable slot games, we’ve added Hot Drop symbols. When three of them come up, it activates the Hot Drop wheel. The wheel then spins and you get the Hourly, Daily, or Epic progressive jackpots.

It’s a lot more money for at least 25 players every day!

Tip #4 – Play more than once throughout the day

These progressive jackpots are all about timing. People who keep an eye on countdowns will be the ones with the very best chance of scoring a Hot Drop right into their Ignition balance. And there’s no single time that’s right. If you play at the beginning of the day, all jackpots will probably be active. But if you show up later on, the odds could be higher. HOWEVER, the jackpots might have already been paid out!

So you can’t just wait until the end and swoop in for a quick score. It’s best to play at different times throughout the day to see what’s what. You’ll have plenty of chances for the Hourly. You’ll be able to follow what happens with the Daily. And the Epic – well, it could burst whenever! The active player gets the jackpot!

Tip #5 – Chase Hot Drops at crypto speed

Crypto deposits and withdrawals are WAY faster than traditional methods. While your standard credit card can lag for hours and days – and then get denied – Bitcoin is whipping around at the speed of the Internet. Deposits are available in minutes and withdrawals take less than a day, typically.

So, if you want to take advantage of a Hot Drop that is about to go, crypto is the way. And if you’re new to crypto, we can walk you through all the steps, easy peasy. Just follow this guide and all your questions will be answered. It will open up a whole new world of crypto bonuses too. Even if you don’t hit your Hot Drop, you’re always winning with Ignition.