Video Poker Game Reviews: What are the different variations?

Breakdown of video poker games at Ignition

Ignition video poker variations take on so many forms. There’s Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better. So you might be wondering, which online video poker game is the best? Well, below in this video poker game review, we’ll cover what makes each one unique. After you get a look at the pros and cons of each one, you’ll have a better idea of which ones to play.

Of course, you can always test them for free using practice mode. In practice mode, you play a game using virtual credits. It’s a no-risk way to learn a particular version of video poker.

What are the basics of online video poker?

Each of the Ignition video poker variations is built around the same basic idea: five card draw. After you choose your bet amount, you press the “Deal” button. You’ll be given five cards. Then, you can replace as many of them as you want in a single draw. After that, you’re paid according to how good a poker hand you made. You don’t have to beat any other players or even the dealer. It’s just you and the paytable – nice and simple for the purposes of this video poker game review.

Most of the types of video poker start the paytable at a certain pair, like jacks or kings. Worse pairs aren’t paid. Then, each hand better than that gets you more money. Straights, flushes, and full houses pay increasing amounts – all the way up to royal flushes, which may pay a progressive jackpot.

But which one should you play? Well, let’s break it down.

Which kind of video poker is the best?

This video poker game review article can’t exactly crown a winner, but it should help you find the one you’ll have the most fun with.

Bonus Deuces Wild – in Bonus Deuces Wild, twos act as a wild card. Surprising, we know. That name is so mysterious! But whatever hand you’re trying to make, a two can help. So if you see a two in your hand, make sure you don’t discard it at the draw phase! It could be your ticket to a huge payout.

Double Double Bonus – The focus on this game of our Ignition video poker variations is the bonus game. If you like more action, this might be the version for you. After a win, the game will invite you to play a double or nothing bonus round. If you want to go for it, the game will deal out a card, face up. Then, you can select from 4 face-down cards in an effort to get one higher than the face-up card. If you do, you double your winnings. If not, it’s back to square zero. Going on a hot run during the double or nothing game can be a super fun way to increase the excitement (and profit) you get out of video poker!

Jacks or Better – Jacks or Better is based on a simple idea. You need to get a pair of jacks or better to get paid. Some variations require kings or better, so this is an adjustment that makes it a touch easier to get paid. Naturally, this can also change the payout table and odds. But if you want your best chance to score a win and start the double-ups, this is it!

Joker Poker – forget twos, let’s have Jokers wild! This online video poker game adds a whole card to the deck: the joker. Now, instead of just the normal cards to work with, you’ve got an extra. This brings another change to odds calculations and makes it possible to get some seriously big combinations. Scoring a straight flush is a lot easier when the joker can be any fifth card you need!

Is it worth playing multiple hands?

Something we haven’t mentioned in this video poker game review is multiple hands. A few of our video poker variations offer the ability to play more than one hand at a time. This doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in live player-to-player poker. You won’t be dealt different hands to start in different windows. Instead, there’s a single, easy-to-view window where you get your five cards. Then, when you make your draw decision, you’ll see your hand played out a number of different ways.

Ignition Casino offers 3 and 10-hand video poker. This lets you see your choice unfold multiple times. Hoping for that flush card to come? Trying to make a set with your pair? Now you’ve got a bunch more chances to make it happen! It’s a lot more fun to grab your gutshot straight draws and let ‘er rip when you have so many different tries to make it. You might even see it hit more than once. Watch your hands turn into monsters!

The best video poker variation is the one you like best. If you love wilds and having more chances to hit hands, try the wilds and the multi-hand versions. And if you want easy-to-hit hands, go for Jacks or Better. Also, keep in mind the size of the top-level progressive payout. That’s where the biggest money is. Enjoy poker’s most chill way to play – video poker.

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