Blast through outer space with our newest and most adventurous game yet: ThunderCrash. This arcade-style casino game has thrown out the script for traditional casino games and dared to create something completely new. Upcoming casino games will likely follow suit; we expect to continue to see more creative takes on casino gaming in the future and are pumped to send them your way. 

Get the first taste of what’s to come when you play the new ThunderCrash game. This game has you sweating in the cockpit of a spaceship, trying to figure out the exact moment to cash out your bet and take your multiplier prize, as you dodge meteorites and swerve around planets. It’s a balance between staying in for as long as you can handle, while trying not to stay in for so long that you’re still in the spaceship when it crashes. The pressure is on. 

Get your feet wet by watching other people play the game in real time through Practice Play. You can see when they opt to cash out and how much they earn in doing so. Join the action and throw down some money by switching over to Real Play mode to get real money payouts.

This ThunderCrash game review will explain how this game works, how to play a full round, and how it’s different from other casino games. 

It’s not a slot, and it’s not a table game. It’s ThunderCrash—and it’s gaining steam.


A space scene depicted through a grid of holograms makes ThunderCrash feel like an arcade game of back in the days. The flying spaceship is sleek and launches into outer space past planets, going further and further until it ultimately crashes—but you don’t know when that’s going to happen. Imagine throwing a paper airplane and trying to get it to go as far as possible before it loses wind and comes back down. Now imagine placing a bet on when it will come down.

As you’re welcomed aboard, you pick one out of 20 avatars to differentiate yourself from other players playing the game. These icons look like they’re straight from the Space Invaders arcade games of the ‘70s. If you don’t care about picking your own avatar, go for “Random” — one will be picked for you. Then hit “TAKE OFF.”


Each round of ThunderCrash begins with the spaceship docked. A six-second countdown gives you a quick moment to place your bet, and once placed, it can’t be removed. At the end of the countdown, the spaceship launches into space, and a multiplier appears on the screen. The multiplier gets bigger and bigger as the spaceship ascends, up until the ship crashes—and so does the multiplier and bets.

Your role in the space crusade is to decide when it’s time to grab your cash and jump ship. Hit the “Cash Out” button to take your initial bet back plus the winnings generated by the multiplier. If you fail to cash out before the spaceship crashes, you’re out of luck. Play again with another bet and a new crew.

Things move fast after liftoff, so as a safeguard, you can set up an Auto Cash Out at the start of the round that will automatically cash out your bet once it hits a certain multiplier. Of course, it doesn’t protect you from crashes, but instead, ensures that you end the trip when you want to, even if you’re not fully paying attention.



One of the more intriguing features of ThunderCrash is the multi-player component. As soon as you launch a round, you pick an avatar. Other players are also playing the same game at the same time; they choose their own respective avatars, which you will see at the top of the screen along with their bets displayed underneath each avatar. When the bet turns green, they’ve cashed out; you can see what their payout is at the end of the round. If the spaceship crashes, however, and there are still active players on the board, their bets turn red.

Control Your Fate

The best part of ThunderCrash is the innovative new format that allows you to make a game-winning decision—and there’s an adrenaline rush from the high-pressure scenario. The stakes increase as the plane propels forward, giving you an opportunity to turn your grit and tenacity into big payouts.

Auto-Cash Out

In order to play ThunderCrash well, you need to give the game your undivided attention. If you leave for a moment, the spaceship will almost certainly crash by the time you return. Fortunately, the Auto-Cash Out feature makes it possible to ensure that you won’t automatically lose your bet if you move away from the screen. Simply input the multiplier that you want to max out at, and if the spaceship gets that far, you will cash out automatically—even if you’re not there to witness it.




Q: What is the biggest payout possible with ThunderCrash?

A: The maximum payout is $100,000.

Q: What is the max bet for ThunderCrash?

A: The max bet is $100.

Q: When is the soonest you can cash out?

A: The earliest you can cash out is when the multiplier reaches 1.01X.

Q: What is the minimum bet allowed for ThunderCrash?

A: The minimum bet is $0.50.

Q: What is the RTP for ThunderCrash?

A: The RTP is 97%.

This new addition to our casino has paved the way for innovative new games going forward. People have expressed a desire for more skill-based video game options, and ThunderCrash fits the bill, with its arcade format and critical decision-making component. See how bold you are when the multiplier is growing and the threat of a crash is imminent. 

Will you be one of the first people to cash out, or will you be the one to crash out? Test your grit by playing ThunderCrash at Ignition Casino today.