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Ten Times Wins Game Review: When Old School Goes New 

Whether you’re 20, 30 or 70, everyone gets nostalgic about something. Classic rock, Bogart movies and vintage automobiles certainly strike a chord for some, while punk bands, original Star Wars films and sleek muscle cars do it for others. No doubt, you have your own. Then there are those of us who love, love, love a modern take on an old-school tradition. That exactly describes our Ten Times Wins slot game.

Because Five Times Wins was such a big hit, we thought a sequel that doubled the multiplier would be ten times more fun. Seemed like a no-brainer. Turns out that this is quite possibly the best of the one-arm-bandit games. You get 3-reels, 3-paylines and the definitive cherry, BAR, and 7 icons with three payout tiers based on the number of coins you wager.


You may say that nostalgia is the lazy way to reinvent something that didn’t need to be updated. Why create something new when you can steal from the past? But nostalgia is omnipresent these days and while many celebrate it, others mock the rearview vision that brings us endless remakes and sequels of both tepid and hot properties. The point is, love it or hate it, we see it everywhere. Especially in the gambling world.

It’s no surprise that some new video slots look like they were created in the 80s or 90s. Full disclosure: we like retro chic and so do many of our players. Perhaps it makes us feel young gain.

In fact, the popularity of old school slots has never faded and that’s proven by the number of fruit-based video slots released every year. Sure, there’s a passion for the dazzling graphics and processing technology in immersive 3D slots. But the demand for simple reel-based gaming is as hot as ever.

Play Ten Times Wins and prove our point with the cash winnings you can rack up.

Game Type: A Fresh Take on a Classic Slot 

This is old-school with a totally modern look. The animation, sound, and music have been re-imagined to create gameplay that will impress and delight every Vegas gamer! 

The game’s 3-reels slot are the epitome of simplicity: get 3 matching symbols in a row. In the old days, this was often achieved by nudging and holding, a standard way to sweet-talk a win from a Vegas slot machine.

Ten Times Wins requires a few different methods – mostly you spin the reels and patiently wait – but your objective is still the same, although you can’t actually squat down to check the row of symbols laying just beyond the pay line like you could with a real slot machine (are we giving away trade secrets?).

Ten Times Wins comes with a massive jackpot of 5,000 coins. You can set your wager for each spin anywhere from 0.01 to 30, but you should choose the maximum bet for a chance to win the jackpot. The 10X multiplier, shown in gold, functions as a wild.


Ten Times Wins is not only super simple to play, it’s amazingly easy to understand and manipulate the game in your favor. First click the dropdown menu to control the settings and read the rules to maximize your chances. The paytable is conveniently displayed right there beside the reels so you can instantly readjust your bet over and over again: 

– Choose the 1x column for a straight bet and a chance to win up to 1500
– Choose the 2x column to double your bet and a chance to win up to 3000
– Choose the 3x column to triple your bet and a chance to win up to 5000

BARs are the lowest value symbols: 

– Blues worth 15 for 3
– Greens worth 30 for 3
– Red triples worth 45 for 3

The 7s will take you higher:

– Blues worth 60 for 3
– Greens worth 90 for 3
– Reds worth 120 for 3

The king of the paytable is the 10X multiplier, which will take your wins up into the big leagues.

Of course, the only way to learn and enjoy the full experience of Ten Times Wins is to play it. We recommend starting in practice mode to get a feel for the reels and wagering!


This is one of those slots that needs no preface nor long, drawn-out explanation. You know right away what you’re getting into. 

If you are old enough to remember when fruit machines were the only game in town, Ten Times Wins is guaranteed to unearth some sweet memories. Even if some younger gamblers have a hard time seeing what the fuss is all about, when you’re hankering for a fruit-themed slot old style, Ten Times Wins is a rewarding trip down a memory lane paved in gold.

At Ignition, we and our members absolutely love the simplicity, style and gameplay because it’s so easy to return time after time and have some good old-fashioned fun for a change.

Ten Times Wins: Q&A

Q: How do I win in Ten Times Wins?

A: Scoring all five 10X wilds on the wheels will win you the fixed 5,000-coin jackpot. Each of the seven symbols are valued according their different colors. Green and red 7s are valued at 120 coins. Blue 7s are 60 coins. Red triple bars are worth 45. Three green bars win you 30 coins and three blue bars get you 15 coins.

Q: What is the return to player percentage for Ten Times Wins?

A: Return to player percentage, or RTP, is what players can expect to win from an online slot. It’s calculated using a ratio or percentage based on the rewards you get when you win. The RTP for Ten Times Wins is over 94%.

Q: What makes Ten Times Wins so great?

A: Its complete simplicity. The small grid, the classic design, the easy gameplay makes this game quick to get into. The always-on-display paytable is perfect for players who just like to dabble with online slots. Plus, there are three varieties of Lucky 7 that can lead to the biggest prizes.

Rating: 9/10

Ten Times Wins is an old-school, one-armed-bandit-style slot machine. They say less is more and we agree, except the less is in this game’s elegant simplicity, while the more are the big prizes. We love this game a bunch so we gave it a 9/10.

Ten Times Wins is perfect for players who: 

– Love classic slot machines
– Enjoy simplicity and colorful design
– Look for huge payout opportunities



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