Rocket Dice XY: Dice Simplicity

Rocket Dice XY Game Review – Control the risk & reap the rewards!

Dice have been a part of gambling for ages, and so it’s no surprise that we keep developing new ways to enjoy them. In Rocket Dice XY, you get a shaker cup with two dice and can bet at a custom level. There’s also a fun double-or-nothing bonus round you can play after each win. We’ll explain how this table game works below. But before we dive in, here’s a quick word on how we rate games in our casino game reviews series.



How we rate games in our online game reviews

Our reviews take a lot of factors into account. We think about how it looks and sounds. Then, of course, we analyze any jackpots, bonus rounds, and special features to see how easy it is to understand and play. In the end, we evaluate the whole experience of the game: entertainment value, possible payouts, and just the general vibe you get when playing it.

All of this taken together gives us a total score you’ll find in the “star rating” section below.

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Game theme

Rocket Dice XY is a simple, easy-to-understand game that is built around a shaker cup and a couple of dice. A steel gray background creates a relaxing ambiance. As players roll the dice, a record of past rolls will appear on the left of the game screen. This helps players see how the game has unfolded in a given session.

Game format

In Rocket Dice XY, players choose a number and then bet on whether the dice roll will be over or under that number. The longer your odds of succeeding, the larger your potential reward gets. You’ll be able to see the win amount before rolling, so you can decide which wager is the one you want.

Rocket Dice XY game format at Ignition casino
Let’s take an easy bet as an example. Setting the number to 2 using the arrows at the top right of the game screen and betting that the roll will be over 2 is highly likely. As a result, the win multiplier is only 1.01. You will win virtually every roll, but the prize amount is quite small.

How about a middling bet? Want to bet the over/under on a total of 6? Now the multiplier is a healthy 1.68. If you want to shoot for the moon, you can bet the over on 11. It’s a hard bet to land, but if you do, you’re getting 35.3x your money!

Game features + why we love this game

Rocket Dice XY may seem super simple, and it is, but it has a couple of elements that make it more fun once you get into it.

  • Custom Betting

This is the heart of the game. Instead of being stuck betting on a particular number, you can decide what number you want to wager on. You can bring it up high, drop it down low, and bet on the easy side or the hard side. It’s all based on whatever kind of mood you’re in. There are times when we want to rack up lots of wins. That’s the time to set things up to be on the easy side. There are also times when we want a shot at a big payday. Then it’s time to take a stab at the harder side of the game. Switch it up as much as you want from roll to roll – it’s totally up to you!

  • Double or Nothing

Rocket Dice XY features a double-or-nothing “risk game” after each win. Press the fire icon at the bottom of the screen to launch it. This gives you the chance to double your winnings.

The goal of each risk game round is to predict what the roll of a single die will be. You can pick three numbers from 1-6, giving you a 50/50 shot on your double-or-nothing attempt. If you’re correct and one of your numbers matches the actual roll, you get twice your winnings and can play again. Or, if you prefer, you can take your winnings at any point using the take button next to the roll button.
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  • Low House Edge

The house edge on Rocket Dice XY is 1.67% to 2.08%, depending on player choices. Not too bad! This brings it close to blackjack at the lower end, which is one of the most favorable games casinos offer.

Star rating

We’re giving this one 4 out of 5 stars. It’s incredibly easy to understand, so it definitely gets points for that. The game is fairly minimalist, so if you want crazy fun, this may not be the game for you. However, if you want something chill and low-stress, it’s a great game for your next casino session. Also, there are not many games that let you decide how likely you want a win to be!

Who is this game for?

Rocket Dice XY is for folks who love betting on dice and for people who love watching bet probabilities and odds change. The game is highly flexible, lending itself really well to players who want to have more control over their wagers. And when you want the excitement of double-or-nothing rounds, the Rocket Dice XY risk game is there to kick things up a notch.

What people are saying

“I love racking up wins with easy bets. There’s just something satisfying about it.”

How does it rate compared to other games?

Let’s talk about some other games for comparison. Craps is another classic casino dice game, but it’s so complex! Rocket Dice XY makes things a lot simpler and more straightforward. There’s no confusing game board to decipher. Instead, there’s just two dice and you bet on what the total will be.

Something like Roll the Dice also has some similarities to Rocket Dice XY. That game, based on the traditional Chinese dice game of hoo hey how, also involves predicting dice rolls. But Roll the Dice offers quite a bit more style, atmosphere, and color. If you’d rather be transported to a virtual gaming space that offers a special experience, you might want to look for something more like that game.


  1. What’s the RTP on Rocket Dice XY? 92%–98.33%, depending on player strategy.
  2. Can you bet on 2 and 12? Both of those numbers leave no room for variance. Bets are on numbers 3–11.
  3. What’s the maximum payout? In a single bet, you can win 35.3x your money. Taking this amount to the double-or-nothing risk game could lead to some serious action, though!
  4. How do prize multipliers work? If the multiplier is 1.68 and you’re betting a dollar, your possible win will be $1.68