Plink, Plink and Win! Classic fun with Online Plinko

The Plinko specialty game is here, just in time for light summertime fun. We’ve almost all seen a Plinko board before. It’s a pegboard and you can drop ping pong balls down it. As the balls bounce right and left, they plink their way down to a series of buckets. Whichever bucket the ball falls into has a reward or prize amount on it. Super simple – super fun, wherever the ball goes, that’s what you get.

Some cheer on the ball as it goes down, others wait in silence. But everyone can have fun with a little bit of Plinko. Below we’ll talk about how the game works, how payouts are determined, and the features that make online Plinko a fun game to play now at Ignition Casino.
Play online plinko at Ignition casino

How to Play Plinko

This might be the easiest game to play on our whole casino site. It’s certainly the easiest of the new casino games 2023 has to offer!

First, pick your bet amount right under the big PLAY button. There are plus and minus buttons on either side of the number that you can use to increase and decrease your wager. Once you’ve got it at the bet size you like, you can mash PLAY and the first ball will drop.

Watch it bounce to and fro as it makes its way to the bottom!

The ball will then land in one of the little colored “buckets” at the bottom of the pegs. Green is small win amounts, yellow is a bit bigger, orange bigger still, and red is for the biggest wins on the board.

Plinko Payouts

Plinko payout amounts are set according to the multiples shown on the colored buckets right under the pegboard. The middle buckets in green have the smallest payouts, represented as a multiple. If the bucket says “.2” and your bet was $1, your win will be $.20. The outer edges with the red buckets have several times your bet. If you’re playing $10 drops and you land in a 29x bucket, you’re getting $290!

You can select your risk level to change this amount. Plinko is a customizable specialty casino game that lets you adjust your payouts and chances of winning. We’ll talk more about this in the next section.

Hover over the buckets with your mouse cursor to see the exact chances of getting each payout.
Play online plinko at Ignition casino

Plinko Features

1.Bet mode

Your bet mode in Plinko can be set to Manual or Auto. Auto lets you choose a number of balls to fall down in a quick sequence. The balls will fall and your wins will be tallied up as they land in buckets. This lets you get quite a rush if the balls are going your way.
You can send another batch down while the last one is still finishing – you don’t have to wait. This is true in Manual mode as well. Once a ball is released and has fallen through a few lines, you can send the next one down.
You can also stop Auto balls before they are released. Just because you initially decided to let 10 go doesn’t mean you’re locked in. If you decide midway during the release phase that 5 is enough, you can press the STOP button. That’s what the PLAY button becomes in auto play mode. You’re in charge!

2.Risk level

This online Plinko feature is really nice. It lets you decide the range of outcomes. That is, you can increase the variance of the game.

If you are feeling wild and ready for high-risk play, set your risk level to High. The biggest payouts will be 29x your bet. The middle three buckets will be small, though, with payouts of .2-.3x your bet.

If you want a really friendly board, set your risk level to Low. This brings down the biggest payouts on the edges to about 5x, but the middle becomes 1-.5-1. It’s really easy to get your bet back.

3.Lines Change

Play online plinko at Ignition casino
Want the payouts to skyrocket? You can also choose how many lines are on the game board, from 8 to 16. The more lines, the bigger the payouts get. Max lines and high-risk level selected? It’s a way to get a maximum payout of 1,000 in play at the far edges! A hundred-dollar bet becoming $100K just like that? Whoa mama!

4.Plinko betting history log

This Plinko specialty game actually lets you track your whole history, seeing a record of wins and losses to the left of the pin game board. Bets, payouts, and profits are all shown as you play from one bet to the next. Let’s see what other new casino games 2023 has to offer that can give you that!

Want to see how your session has been going, or what kind of hot streak you’re on? Keep an eye on that log!

Are there Plinko Strategies?

What controls payout is how the ball bounces off each peg. If it bounces to the left each time, you’ll hit the outer edge. But if it goes left and right equally, you’ll wind up in the middle bucket. And there’s roughly an even chance of it going either way, so most of the time you’ll be somewhere in those middle few buckets.

The key factor in your profits is the randomizer that decides what happens on each peg hit. Naturally, this means that there’s no real strategy you can employ that is going to affect your wins. It’s all down to luck.

That said, there are many believers that there are ways to influence luck. If you’re in this camp, this is one of your games for sure. Much like slots, you’re going to have to get your lucky stars to align to get that big payout. However, there’s something satisfying about unleashing a batch of ten balls in Auto-mode and watching them all add up as your win amounts roll in. Give Plinko a shot today – our exciting specialty casino game.