Minesweeper XY: casino version of the classic computer game

Minesweeper XY: A Contemporary Twist on the Classic Computer Game
Did you have Minesweeper on your list of new casino games to play? We’ve been bringing a ton of fun games, and this one of the latest additions. We think it could make it to the list of the best Ignition Casino games.

Minesweeper XY is a bomb-finding casino game where the profits increase with every correct choice! Keep picking and risking it all for greater and greater prizes, or collect your winnings and start over again. That’s the basic idea.

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Discover hidden bombs & claim incredible rewards in Minesweeper XY.

Game theme

The theme of the game is based on the incredibly spine-tingling task of minesweeping – clearing bombs from a field to make it safe for travel. This high stress job is typically left to military ordnance disposal technicians, or your local “bomb squad.” But when the computer revolution took place, each Windows PC came equipped with Minesweeper as one of the pre-installed games, and the world was changed forever.

Minesweeper is still a hit, along with Solitaire, and a great way to waste a minute or 30, depending on how distracted you get. For those who haven’t played, the game lays out a grid of blank tiles. Players flip tiles, hoping to avoid mines. When flipped, safe tiles show numbers indicating how many mines are touching the tile. This allows players to deduce where the mines are. Players flag mine locations, and go on sweeping until the grid is cleared. If you flip a mine, you go boom! Minesweeper XY offers a simplified version of this popular game.

Game format

In Minesweeper XY, there isn’t a big grid to sweep. Instead, you’ve got rows of 5 grassy tiles each. Pick a tile, and if the bomb isn’t in it, you get a prize! You can keep going, if you like. There’s a 1 in 5 chance of exploding, so the odds are in your favor heavily in each round. The question is, how far should you go?
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If you notice the red numbers at the bottom of each row of tiles, you’ll see the prize amount you can collect for a correct guess on that row. In the image above, we collected the prize at 7.31. If we had chosen to go on, the next round would have been worth 9.14, and the one after, 11.42. Put your wager at risk and see just how long you can hold out and keep the win streak alive!

Game features + why we love this game

This Minesweeper XY game review is based on a few fun features:

  • Simplicity

This game is just so easy to understand! Almost anyone can see that you pick squares and progress up the game board. If you’re lucky, you can make it quite far. If you’re unlucky, you go boom and have to start again. There’s not really any complicated strategy or calculations to think of in this game. Instead, you’re playing something that pretty much any player can get the hang of when it’s time for laid back fun.

  • Excitement

For as simple as Minesweeper XY is, it brings tense moments! When you’re deciding to pick that next tile, you’re wondering if THIS will be the time the bomb pops up. It’s fun to click and live as many times as you can. But you’ll have that bomb in the back of your mind. You know it’s out there, somewhere…
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  • Progressive rewards

You’re always building to more and more prize money. This game has a built-in element of progression. If you can keep a streak alive, you can tally up bigger and bigger rewards for each round of play. While some games only offer a set amount of money to win, Minesweeper XY lets you scale up as you go along. Of course, you can stop and collect winnings at any time, so long as you don’t go bust.

Star rating

We’re giving this one 4 out of 5 stars. Minesweeper XY is simple enjoyment that has excitement baked right into every click. It doesn’t really bring the same experience as the classic game, but we think this version suits a laid-back gaming session just fine.

Who is this game for?

Minesweeper XY is for people who like interactive games that keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s also great for players that aren’t in the mood for memorizing strategies or charts. This one is very straightforward, and perfect when you just want to dive right into a new game without having a steep learning curve. Click if you dare.

How does it rate compared to other games?

Let’s talk about some other games for comparison.

Plinko is a fairly simple casual game that plays a lot like Minesweeper XY. But instead of clicking to get your prize, the ball hops into whatever bucket it bounces to. This can be less of an “edge of your seat” experience and feel more like the luck of the draw. There’s a skill-like feeling to playing Minesweeper XY.

ThunderCrash is another similar game. In Thunder Crash, you’re trying to cash out your winnings before a crash. It’s a lot like Minesweeper, but the big difference is that there’s no rounds. Everything happens in real time, and this can really build up pressure. In contrast, Minesweeper XY has you in total control of each round of action.


  1. How many bombs or mines are there? There’s one explosive per row. Four spaces are safe, and one contains the bomb.
  2. Can I stop at any time? At any round, you can choose to collect winnings instead of picking another space.
  3. Is there a way to predict where the bomb is? There’s no way to know. A bomb could be in the same space as it was in the round before, or any of the other available spaces.
  4. When is MineCRAFT XY coming to Ignition? If someone develops it, we’ll be first in line to check it out!

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