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Gold Rush Gus Game Review

It’s amazing how far online slots have come over the years. There are more than 300 different games you can play right now at Ignition Casino, each with something unique to offer. But only a select few can make the list of the best slot games; 2021 has been an especially good year for gaming here at Ignition, thanks in no small part to the arrival of Gold Rush Gus. This instant hit was first released in 2019. It’s already one of our most popular slots, and Ignition Casino’s Gold Rush Gus game review will explain why.


Quick: What’s your favorite color? If you answered “gold,” you’re not alone. This precious metal isn’t just rare and beautiful – it’s also incredibly useful. And the gold standard was the basis for much of the world’s currency until 1971. More gold is better, which is why so many of the games you’ll find at Ignition Casino have it as part of their theme.

Of course, gold doesn’t come from trees. It comes from the ground, and when you play Gold Rush Gus slot, the task of mining said gold falls upon the rugged shoulders of our title character. Gus is a familiar old-timey prospector, representing the Gold Rush era of the mid-19th Century; the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada mountains led to the westward expansion of the United States, and helped set the table for the founding of Las Vegas in 1905.

Gold rushes also captured the world’s imagination. The 1849 California Gold Rush (which provided the name for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League) and the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896-99 aren’t just part of American heritage; they also sparked the search for gold in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Gus himself could easily have been a character in a Jack London novel, or in the celebrated 1925 Charlie Chaplin film The Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Gus’ Format

Having a can’t-miss theme will help any game climb its way to the top of the casino slots reviews, but Gold Rush Gus makes full use of the theme by turning each spin into a mining expedition of its own. This is a 5-reel, 10-payline game where the symbols are revealed by Gus and his trusty pick-ax. Here’s a list of the symbols Gus will dig up:

Coins: Each coin in Gold Rush Gus is stamped with one of the top six poker hand rankings (9, 10, J, Q, K and A), with 9, 10 and J in silver and the others in gold.

Jewels: Gemstones of various colors and shapes will appear.

Special Symbols: Keys, Treasure Chests, Free Spin and Wild symbols will unlock this game’s special features, which we’ll introduce to you to in a moment.

As with most online slots, Gold Rush Gus pays out when you line up three or more matching symbols along one of the 10 paylines – although sometimes you need only two symbols. The minimum bet per spin is 20 cents, and the maximum is $100.


Progressive Jackpot

The biggest feature that comes with Gold Rush Gus is the progressive jackpot which keeps growing until someone claims it. That someone could be you. If Gus reveals a Treasure Chest on one of his digs, the chest will be opened, and if a blue diamond appears, you’ll win the jackpot.

“Mini Jackpot” Progressives

Smaller mini jackpot progressives are also up for grabs – just collect five green diamonds or five red diamonds from the Treasure Chests. Side note: You can find all of the different jackpot slots at Ignition Casino (and their dollar amounts) by looking at the list of thumbnails on the Slots menu.

Treasure Chest

In order to trigger the Treasure Chest, Gus has to dig up two matching Key symbols, which only appear on Reels 1 and 3. The Free Spin symbol appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5; reveal at least 3 of these symbols, and you’ll receive at least 5 free spins with a multiplier attached (and some special animation for your entertainment).

Wild Symbol

Watch out as well for the wild symbol, which substitutes for any of the regular symbols to help you form winning lines.

Bonus Game

There’s more where that came from. If Gus happens to discover a Map in his Treasure Chest, he will trigger the Bonus Game, where you’ll ride the mining cart and collect gold coins on your journey. This is a skill-based game; tap/click when your cart is on top of a booster, and you’ll speed your way to even more gold coins. Lastly, there’s the Lava Reels re-spin, where volcanoes appear during a non-winning spin and burn away symbols with hot lava, revealing new symbols and more opportunities to win.


Many online slots share the same basic features, but Gold Rush Gus is in a league of its own. Here are three things in particular that make this game stand out from the rest:


The animation for this slot is its biggest strength; each spin sees Gus wield his pick-ax and dig up treasures, and there are plenty of surprises waiting for you along the way. The game display for Gold Rush Gus is perfect for mobile devices, although you can also enjoy playing on your desktop, and you can switch the graphics to appear in “Good” or “Better” quality.

Bonus Game

It’s a beautiful thing anytime you get to play a skill-based bonus game. The interactivity with Gold Rush Gus makes it even more fun to play – and the game is simple enough for anyone to do well at.

Bonus Game

Gus is one of the most engaging characters we’ve ever seen in an online slot. But he’s not the only character in this game, as you’ll discover. And the adventures they get up to make it worth putting in a few extra spins to see what happens.



777 Deluxe Q&A

Q: What’s the biggest jackpot ever won playing Gold Rush Gus?

A: At pressaThe information we have shows a big payday of $87,000 for the Gold Rush Gus progressive, although a larger prize may have been awarded since then. time, the jackpot is over $65,000, and it will be larger by the time you read this – unless someone has already claimed it.

Q: Are there any other prizes inside that Treasure Chest?

A: There’s one more prize we haven’t mentioned yet: When Gus finds a Golden Nugget in the chest, you receive an instant cash prize.

Q: Can I use cryptocurrency to play Gold Rush Gus?

A: Absolutely. Ignition Casino accepts Bitcoin and several other digital currencies as well as standard currencies. Check out our Bitcoin FAQ and Help guides for more information. All in all, Gold Rush Gus is definitely on our Top 10 list of online slots – and we think you’ll agree. Give it a spin for free at Ignition Casino using the Practice mode, then switch to Real Money play once you’re ready to strike it rich.

Rating: 9/10

The level of engagement offered in Gold Rush Gus pushes this game to a 9/10. It is one of the very few games that has a skill-based bonus round.

Gold Rush Gus is Ideal for Players Who Love:

– Animated graphics
-A Storyline and personable characters



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