Dice Bonanza: Dice and Slots Come Together

Dice Bonanza Slot Game review at Ignition casino
Introducing the Dice Bonanza slot game, featuring towers of colorful dice, waiting to roll their way down the reel! This lovely little dice-themed number has a fun and stylized theme. In this review, we’ll cover the slots features that make the game fun, and lots more info for the curious.



How we rate slot games

Our Ignition slots reviews take a lot of factors into account. We think about aesthetics – the look and feel of a game – as well as sound and music. Then of course we analyze jackpots, bonus rounds, and special features to figure out what kind of ups and downs players will see. We also consider how easy the game is to understand, and other general characteristics.

In the end, we’re evaluating the whole experience of the game: entertainment value, possible prize size, and just the general vibe you get when playing it. All of this taken together gives us a total score you’ll find in the “star rating” section below.

Slot features in the Dice Bonanza game – Ignition Casino

Game theme

Dice Bonanza is built around the idea of super stylized dice towers. They’re created in a fun, simple art style that we think a lot of people will enjoy. The background music is also happy and catchy, without being annoying. This is a slot game we would describe as fairly chill. It’s not a crazy, zany, over the top game. It’s more for times when you want to slow down a bit and relax.

Game format

Dice Bonanza features 6 reels of rolling dice and five lines. Instead of paylines running through the symbols, you simply need to get 8 or more matching symbols anywhere on the board to score a payout. The die faces are lower values, while the diamonds, hearts, and stars are worth more.

This is a game with high volatility, which means that you could see some sessions with huge payouts and others with little ones. Compare it to games that are steadier, with less variance and more regular wins that are closer together in prize amounts. For the scorekeepers, the RTP (return to player) on this game is 96%.

Dice Bonanza Bonus Buy and other slot features – Ignition Casino

Game features + Why we love this game

This is one of our favorite parts of online game reviews. It’s often the special features that make a slot game so special.

  • Bonus Buy

Dice Bonanza brings in a signature slot feature: bonus buy. At any time, you can simply buy a bonus round for a set price. You don’t have to keep spinning and waiting for those scatter symbols to trigger it. Of course, if you WANT to play that way, you certainly can. Features like this are all about player options and custom gaming. Buying the bonus kicks off 10 free spins (that can be retriggered with more W scatter symbols).

  • Free spins rounds with multipliers

If you’re not buying the bonus, you need 4 W scatters anywhere on the board to trigger a free spins round. In these rounds, you will see golden safes that open with multipliers from 2x to 100x. Even small wins can get sent sky high if the golden safes are on your side!

  • Chance x2

You can influence the chance of triggering a bonus round by activating the Chance x2 feature. Your price per spin goes up, and so do your possible returns. This is a way to boost your potential payouts without going all in and just buying the bonus.

  • Exploding symbols

When you get 8 or more matching symbols on the board, they pay out and then explode. This allows more symbols to drop into the board and possibly trigger another win. Wins chain together!

Star rating

We’re giving this one 4.5 out of 5 stars. The chill vibe is really pleasant to play with. The bonus feature is always right at hand, so you can play fast or slow, depending on your preferences. And those multipliers can turn prizes into megabucks totals in a hurry when they’re popping off. This should make for some great sessions for Ignition players.

Who is this game for?

Dice Bonanza is a great game for lovers of big multipliers. Those golden safes can open for up to 100x your win on a given spin in the bonus round. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your win get super-sized by 100! That’s probably the biggest rush in the game. It’s also a fun game for people who love the symbol-popping style of games like Candy Crush. New symbols come dropping in and help you rack up more prize money!
Win real money with Dice Bonanza slot

What people are saying

“4.5 stars due to the uniqueness of the game”

“This is a pretty good slot!”

How does it rate compared to other games?

Golden Buffalo is another six-reel slot game that Dice Bonanza offers some advantages over. You can buy a bonus any time with Dice Bonanza. And exploding symbols mean more chances to win. Also, the max payout is 4,096 on Golden Buffalo, but Dice Bonanza takes it to 15,000x max with retriggers and multipliers! Who needs jackpots?

Well, if YOU need jackpots, you can check out a game like Wheels and Reels XL. It’s also a simple, colorful slot game but it takes things in a whole new direction thanks to a progressive jackpot possibility. This is one of the main differences with a game like Dice Bonanza that uses multipliers to get to super mega wins instead of jackpots.


  1. Do you roll the dice? They are fixed on the reel, so you don’t have to roll the dice in a traditional sense. Each die face is used as a separate symbol.
  2. Are there any craps elements in the game? It’s a straightforward slot that just uses dice as an aesthetic theme.
  3. How do multipliers work? In the free spins bonus round, if you get a win through 8 matching symbols, any multipliers will be applied to your win amount. The multiplier amounts will be added together. For example, 5x and 2x on the board give you a 7x multiplier.
  4. Is the bonus buy customizable? Yes, you decide the base wager amount and a price to buy a bonus round will be displayed so you can see it beforehand.
Features Details
Jackpot(s) No
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Multiplier Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Wild Symbol No
Paylines No
Reels 6
Lines 5
Highest Payout 15,000x
RTP 96
Volatility high