Ignition Casino’s Monthly Big Winners!

Cash Stacked to the Ceiling! Here are May’s Casino Big Winners

Ignition Casino is packed with tons of slot games, but this month again was ruled by Reels & Wheels XL! No one can stop the spinning of these reels as this king-sized game barrels down the road. It’s colorful, it’s easy to play, and it pays out like few other games can with its HUGE progressive jackpots.

Now, without further ado, let’s find out who was this month’s casino big winners!

1. Morvarid B. from California won $657,615 playing Reels & Wheels XL

There’s no place quite like sunny California. The sandy beaches with great surfing, the picturesque mountains, the long stretches of the Pacific Coast Highway… it’s all such a dream.

Well, for Morvarid, it’s a dream COME TRUE thanks to over $600,000 of cash that just went into her Ignition Casino account. Google tells us that her name means “pearl” in Persian, and she’ll have her pick of precious gems, if that’s what this big wins casino player is into.

Paying off student loans?
Putting a down payment on a house?
A flashy new car?
A new wardrobe?
Spending the next few years living on a cruise ship?

It’s all on the table, thanks to the jackpot casinos game that keeps on giving: Reels & Wheels XL!

2. David P. from Texas won $266,250 playing Reels & Wheels XL

Here it is again! The strategy for hitting jackpot casino gold seems to be pretty simple: play Reels & Wheels XL! It’s got a prize pot that’s always climbing up to the sky, and plenty of lucky big winners can attest to just how rewarding this game is!

Everything really IS bigger in Texas, including the size of David’s bank account. He’s got a six figure payday from RAWXL, and now the question becomes how to spend it? Possibilities are almost unlimited, but we know from past stories that casino big winners get life-changing money. From paying off old debts to going on a spending spree, it’s totally up to YOU how to make use of the windfall.

But first, you have to become a big wins casino player. So, how do you get online casino big wins playing Reels & Wheels XL?

Well, Reels & Wheels XL is a slot game, so there isn’t much strategy involved. The goal, however, is to win the progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is one that’s growing all the time as players play. A small bit of each wager goes into the pot. It keeps getting bigger until someone hits it. This means that it could be in the tens of thousands, hundreds, or even millions!

Hitting jackpot casino millions takes some luck, because the big win on Reels & Wheels XL is behind two bonus wheels. First, spin the reels. You’ll need to land Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3, plus the Wheel symbol on reel 5. This launches the Bonus Wheel, with sections that feature win multipliers from 5x to 500x!

The section you’ll want is called “Jackpot,” and this launches the Jackpot Wheel. This one features different sizes of jackpot, from mini, to minor, to major, to mega, all the way to the big momma: Vegas!

Hit that one and you’ll be on this page in no time!

3. Brian C. from Ohio won $208,578 playing Classic Let ‘Em Ride

It’s not all about slots. Even our table games can pay out some big wins casino jackpots!

This month it was Classic Let ‘Em Ride that delivered the dollars – over two hundred thousand of them! If you’ve never played, it’s a simplified version of poker you play against the house. You get dealt 3 cards, then can decide to continue (like a “check” in Texas Hold’Em) or raise. Then another card gets flipped over, and you can again choose to continue or raise. A final card is flipped, and your five-card hand is made. If you’ve got tens or better, you get paid.

Hitting jackpot casino glory comes when you use the progressive bet option. You can put chips down on the red progressive button, and if you get certain hands, you get a share of the big pot. A royal straight flush gets you 100% of it for one of our largest online casino big wins!

Want to join the winner’s circle?

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