100K+ Payday payouts thanks to 5 popular casino games

Our most popular games are player favorites because they are fun to play, but also because of their jackpots! The top games have made people into Ignition casino big winners in just one shot – that’s the power of the six-figure jackpot.

Each of the games below is a blast to play and offers the chance of a jackpot. For the progressives, these have climbed into the MILLIONS in the past, so it can really pay to play. If you’re looking for crazy big wins, these are some of the absolute best games to get into, hands down.

Winner #1: Bryan F. won $293,000 on Live Dealer Blackjack

Everyone here is a fan of online casinos. But sometimes, you miss the feel of that live experience, right? Well, we managed to bring together the best of both worlds when we started offering live dealer games.

You get to pick your dealer, and then are taken to a video stream of a real table. Your cards will be laid out on the table, just like at a physical casino. You can click your screen to bet, take hits at blackjack, and perform other actions. The dealers will take you through your game and can even talk and respond to your chats.

Bryan F. was getting in on some Live Dealer Blackjack with his dealer and he was looking for more than just a 21. He had made a special 777 jackpot side bet. This jackpot is paid out if you’re dealt three sevens. The maximum payout comes from three sevens of diamonds. Well, as luck would have it, Bryan played a hand and got two sevens of diamonds right off the bat. He then took a hit and – got a third seven of diamonds. Instantly, he won nearly $300,000!

Winner #2:  Brandon from Florida won $263,497 on Golden Buffalo HDJP

Golden Buffalo has helped players stampede onto our Big Winner lists before. It’s got six reels and the max payout is a staggering 4,096x your wager. It’s also a Hot Drop Jackpot game, which means that there are must-drop jackpot popping off every hour and day. The biggest one is an Epic Jackpot that can be won anytime.

Here’s how it works: when three Hot Drop symbols come up in a slot, it triggers the Hot Drop bonus wheel. The wheel has hourly, daily, and Epic jackpots. Guess which one Brandon hit?

Yep. That’s right. He won the Epic Hot Drop jackpot for $263,497. That’s a fantastic win for a lil’ ol’ western-themed slot, isn’t it?

Winner #3:  David C. from Lubbock, TX won $180,952 on 10 Times Vegas

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the jackpots! Mr. David C. was playing 10 Times Vegas from Lubbock one day when his luck came in big time, making him one of our Ignition casino big winners at 49 years young. His $180,952 jackpot is a pretty nice 50th birthday present, we think.

10 Times Vegas is a classic 3 x 3 slot game with familiar symbols rendered in neon. It takes quite a few things going right to get the jackpot. You need a wild on the third reel, then a win on the wild retrigger spin of the second reel, and then a win on that spin! If everything goes right, you can get a jackpot spin for a shot at a 10x, 20x, or progressive jackpot payout.

There’s nothing to soften the blow of an upcoming milestone birthday quite like a six-figure payday, right? Happy 50th, David C.!

Winner #4:  Kevin M. from Louisville KY, won $252,261 on Gold Rush Gus

For years, Gold Rush Gus has been entertaining people. This feisty prospector swings his pickaxe into the stone below the earth, and you never know what might pop up. Treasure chests open with all kinds of gems and more. The bonus round takes you on a wild ride through the mines, and even has a little skill element for how much money you can pick up.

The treasure chest also has a chance to unlock the progressive jackpot. 53-year old Kevin M. took to the mines with Gus and that’s just what he dug up. The savvy old miner knew the way to an over $250,000 payout! Forget digging for gold and gems and swinging that 40 lb. pickaxe – just sit back at Ignition Casino and let the reels make you rich!

Winner #5: John P. from won $128,000+ on Reels and Wheels XL

This one’s a real feel-good story. John P. has been playing here for quite some time, so we love to see him score a big win like this. He was playing one of his favorite games: Reels & Wheels XL.

Time and time again, RWXL has made big winners at Ignition. In fact, this might be the best game to play if you want mega money. It’s all about the wheels. Tigger the bonus wheel and you get a shot at triggering the jackpot wheel. Trigger THAT wheel and you can win jackpots of various sizes. The biggest one is the Vegas jackpot, which unloads the whole progressive total into your account.

John P. nailed that win after just 15 minutes of playing slots. He tells us he’s planning to pay off debts and help put his son through college. You love to see it.

YOU could be the next of our Ignition casino big winners!

Want to show up on this list as one of our big winners? Look for games that feature jackpots. And it never hurts to keep an eye on “hot” games like the ones we talked about here!