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Look, at Ignition Casino, we don’t like to toot our own horn – which is good because our treasured members love to do it for us. Ignition Casino is renowned among our members and the online gambling community in general. Why? We’re glad you asked. We’re known for our enticing bonuses and promotions. Some say they’re the gifts that keep on giving.

We’ve got some of the most rewarding promos, with one of the best being our Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus. So, what’s the deal with this online casino bonus? Why should you care?

In this Q&A style guide, we’ll not only explain everything you need to know about our welcome bonus but how it’ll benefit you as a player. Sound good? Easy as! Let’s get right into it.

The Low-Down on the Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus Is and How It Benefits You

The Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus is essentially a welcome gift that we offer to all our new members. Every new player receives this bonus when they make their first deposit into their Ignition Casino account. The exact payout you receive from the bonus will depend on the payment method you use for your deposit. The two main payment options are credit cards and cryptocurrency (specifically, Bitcoin).

Now, onto the benefits – and you’ll be stoked to hear there are heaps. Firstly, it gives you a head start in earning big winnings. The more cash you have to wager, the more comfortable you’ll feel placing bigger bets. This will give you more chances to score some major wins and walk away with killer cash. You’ll also have more freedom to test and experiment with a wider variety of games, which will broaden your online gambling horizons. Plus, with more money, you’ll give yourself way more time to play. As they say, time is money, so that could easily be your ticket to your next jackpot.

How to Maximise Your Play with Ignition Casino Bonuses

There’s nothing worse than wasted money, right? Wasting your welcome bonus is kinda like finding $50 on the street and then tossing it into the ocean. Makes your brain hurt, doesn’t it? That’s why we’re here to make sure you use your welcome bonus to the max.

To maximise your play with bonuses, make sure you research the maximum deposit amount for certain bonuses and ensure you’re getting the highest amount. By scoring more bonus money, you’re giving yourself ample opportunities to play. The more chances you have to play, the more skilled you’ll become. Soon enough, you’ll be the one to watch among your opponents.

You should also try a wide variety of games. Not only will this give you a chance to find what you like, but it’ll allow you to discover the ins and outs of different games. You’ll figure out the rules, develop an eye for winning strategy, and improve your odds as a result.

Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus: FAQs

You’ve probably still got a few questions weighing on your mind. We get it – and we’re here to help! Here are some of the FAQs – and most importantly, the answers – about the welcome bonuses at Ignition Casino.

1-How Do I Get My Casino Welcome Bonus?

Getting your Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus is simple. Like really simple. All you need to do is make your first deposit to your Ignition account and you’ll automatically receive it! Yep. It’s actually that easy. You’re welcome in advance.

2-How Much Will I Get with the Welcome Bonus?

If you use a credit card, you’ll receive a 200% bonus to a maximum of $2,000 added to your account. You’ll get $1,000 to use immediately in the casino and you’ll make the other $1,000 as you play online poker. On the other hand, if you use Bitcoin, the bonus jumps up to 300% with a cap of $3,000. In that case, you’ll get $1,500 to use right away in our casino and you’ll earn the other $1,500 as you play real online poker.

3-Which Welcome Bonuses Are Worth It?

We may be a little biased, but we happen to think that Ignition’s welcome bonuses are well worth it – especially since you don’t have to do much to get ‘em!

As the name suggests, the Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus is broken down into two parts. One half of your bonus is for use in our poker rooms, while the other half is for you to earn in the casino. So, no need to choose between a poker welcome bonus and a casino welcome bonus – you’ll get both in one go!

 4-How Do I Maximise My Free Play with the Welcome Bonus?

 You may be chompin’ at the bit to use your bonus money. We totally get it. Who wouldn’t get excited after seeing their bankroll get a bump like that? But don’t forget that, just because your balance is bigger, doesn’t mean you need to jump to spend it!

An awesome way to maximise that money is to use our Free Play mode. In Free Play mode, you don’t need to chuck in money to play. No deposits, no downloads – nothing’s required except an attitude to win!

Plus, you can also play in Practice Mode, which allows you to get the feel for certain games and develop some strategy before betting real cash. You can play as many practice rounds as you’d like before moving over to real-money play, where you’ll have plenty of chances to rake in some sweet cash.

5-Is the Welcome Bonus Crypto-Friendly?

Absolutely! In fact, our welcome bonuses are super crypto-friendly. As we said, the Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus increases from 200% to 300% when you use cryptocurrency. That means you can score an extra $1,000 to use in our casino and poker rooms. Pretty epic, right? With added perks like that, it’s a wonder why everyone doesn’t deposit using crypto!

6-Is the Welcome Bonus a One-Time Offer?

Yes. As much as we’d love to keep showering you with cash forever, the welcome bonus is a one-time deal.

That said, Ignition Casino offers heaps of other promos and bonuses that you can leverage throughout your online gambling career. Invite a friend to join Ignition and you’ll receive the Tell-a-Friend Bonus when they make their first deposit! Suffer a few rough rounds and benefit from our Bad Beat Bonus. Make regular deposits and you’ll be eligible for our Weekly Boost, which can earn you up to $100 with a credit card or up to $1,000 with crypto.

Check out our full list of bonuses and promos here.

You sold yet? We knew you would be! That means there’s only one thing left to do, mate: join now to start redeeming your bonuses and boosting your bankroll!