Top Gadgets/Gear for the Ultimate Home Poker Setup

Comfort is everything for the serious online poker player. Well, profit is everything, but comfort is a close second! It keeps you running better, longer.

That’s why it literally pays to invest in a quality setup. When you’re grinding for long stretches of time, you have the equipment to make your online poker playing experience the best it can be. This settles you down, helps you be more patient, and helps you last deep into poker tournaments.

Our Ignition streamers have a number of recommendations for your online poker home setup, complete with the best poker gadgets. Below you’ll find our top picks for computers, chairs, mice, keyboards, monitors, and more. The investment will pay off in winnings, right?

Of course it will. Let’s dive in!


As you can probably see from Ignition streamers, you actually don’t need a crazy computer setup. If you’re regularly on Twitch, the difference from players who focus on video games to those who play poker is night and day. Needing an overpowered PC to run cutting edge games on the highest graphics settings is not what we’re about in the poker world, thankfully. Any recently modern PC will do.

Below is the absolute bare bones minimum. You’ll want to be a nice bump over this, ideally, to have a decently fast and pretty experience at Ignition Casino:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 1.6 GHz processor
  • 1 gig Internet
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution

2 – Mouse/Mousepad

You don’t need tons of buttons for your mouse in your online poker home setup, so minimalist is best. But it should be well made and a pleasure to use. One of the leading mice among poker players right now is also a hit with the broader audience: the Razer DeathAdder. The price is right, too! Get those bets sized up and fire away with confidence.

Whether you use a custom Ignition Casino mousepad is up to you.

Cafepress and Zazzle have tons of other poker related designs to choose from if you’d rather have something else. Spend enough to get a durable pad, though. You don’t want one that’s fraying from having your hand and forearm rubbing it over those many hours at cash games or online poker tournaments.

3 – A Good Keyboard

The best poker gadgets for you are the ones that are comfortable to use. Some people love a big mechanical keyboard with lots of feedback, while others prefer a silent model that keeps it quiet. There’s also style to consider, too! If you want that RGB look, you’ll be looking for something with all those flashy lights.

A keyboard that hits a lot of positives for a lot of players is the Razer Cynosa V2 Chroma. It’s simple, stylish, quiet, and well made by a company whose peripherals are trusted by tons of players.

No, everything won’t be Razer here. But they are in quite the sweet spot for players who don’t want to break the bank, but want decent quality. For luxury picks for pros with tons of winnings to burn, it would be a totally different list.

4 – Big screen monitors

We’ll come right out with it: Ignition streamers would love the Samsung Odyssey G5 series.

If you’re multi-tabling (playing more than one poker table at a time), a big monitor is kind of important. This one is curved for good visibility and comes in a 34” desk hog version that will definitely ensure that you never mix up your suits or amounts. Counting pot odds has never been easier than when you’re using a screen keeping you on top of every move, thanks to a 144hz refresh rate. And with Samsung’s HD technology, everything is crisp and clear.

Even the bad beats, sadly.

5 – Gaming Chair

This is where the money should really be spent online poker home setup. Secretlab’s Omega and Titan models are for players who want something decent but totally affordable.

For the high rollers and big stackers, go for the Herman Miller Embody. It’s so comfy you won’t want to get up even after you finish your tournament. Spinal ergonomics, copper-infused cooling foam, adjustable arm height and width? This online poker chair WANTS you to be happy.

Seriously, this thing is luxury right where it counts. After your next big win, consider splurging on it.

6 – Headset

You’re not speaking to an audience like Ignition streamers, so the microphone is not a concern. But decent audio is actually huge for staying on the ball during online poker sessions. You need those sounds of bets, raises, and alerts that it’s your turn to act. The last thing you want is to be timed out because you were so lulled into comfort by your Herman Miller chair that you fell asleep.

The Logitech G35 LightSpeed is our top pick at the moment.

Comfy to wear, good audio quality, and doubles as a headset you can use on those Zoom calls to work in between sessions. What’s not to like? It also has a friendly price tag for people who spent all their budget on that glorious chair above.

So those are our top picks, but you don’t have to go with all of them. It really pays to do your own research and find out what’s going to be best for you in terms of comfort, price, style, and other factors. But we promise, once you get your online poker home setup going, you’ll have a much better time – even in down sessions.

Seriously, there’s nothing worse than getting up from a cold stretch and finding that you can barely walk from aches in your back, neck, or shoulders. Keep it comfy and keep it profitable!

And to see tech gear in action with the Team Ignition streamers or to ask for their recommendations, check out the Ignition YouTube channel or any of their Twitch streams:


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