Poker Machines Australia

Poker machines, or more affectionately known to Aussie players as “the pokies”, are an old favourite. It’s not uncommon for the majority of us to head to the local pub on a Friday night for a few drinks after a big week at work – and to sneak off into the pokie room to wager a few dollars on a game

Times are changing though, and the first half of 2020 has put a halt on this practice (whether we wanted it or not) – and has opened so many other opportunities to people around the country. The pubs closed and so did the pokie rooms – oh, and did we mention casinos? They also shut their doors! The Star in Sydney, Crown Casino in Melbourne and Perth, Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast – all closed. Did that stop us, though? Hell, no!

Thanks to the likes of Ignition Casino, Australian players were not only able to continue playing their beloved pokies, but the range of games was increased dramatically. Head down to your local pub, and you might find 20-50 games in the room to play. The casino has a couple hundreds. Online though, you’ll find thousands of different poker machines to choose from! And that includes some of your favourites.

Poker Machines Australia

How does a Pokie Machine work?

Poker machines and online pokies might seem very different, but the premise for how they work is the same. A pokie machine at the local pub has a computer that is built into the machine. Online, you’re already on the computer. And that’s really the only difference. 

The aim of the game is the same: to achieve a winning combination of symbols. The machine will run through a number of combinations (millions of them in some cases), and your odds are based on how many combinations are available. The more combinations on the poker machine, the higher the odds of winning. Keep in mind though, the higher the odds of winning are, the lower the payout figure.

Each machine is different and has either three or five reels. Five reel games have more combinations, which means a greater chance of winning. They generally have anywhere from 9 lines to 143 lines and the combination payout varies from two to five symbols. Three reel pokies are better for new players, and offer a better chance at winning jackpot, though the payout is usually less.

When you make a bet, you can choose to bet on a few of those lines, or all of them. The more lines you choose, the better your chance of winning – but the lower the payout figure will be. Also keep an eye on your money – if you’re playing a 1c machine and you bet 50 lines, keep in mind you’re paying 50c for that bet in total. It’s easy to get lost in the machine if you’re starting out. 

Place your bet, choosing whatever cent or dollar value you want to use, hit the play button and the computer will generate a win-lose outcome. If symbols show up in a row on the screen, you get the payout that matches the combination. You’ll find this easily on the screen. The winning combination is based on a random draw, which means you can win as much as you can lose, so make sure you take your lucky coin with you. 

How to win on poker machines?

When it comes to playing poker machines Australia, there’s no such thing as “playing to win”. It’s all about luck. Sorry.

But there are a few ways you can increase your chances!

Learn how to play! Start with some of the free games if you’re new to online gambling and practice your skills. It won’t guarantee that you win, but it will allow you to make better decisions about your bet. If you know what you’re doing, your odds of winning may increase.

Check the odds. The odds of playing online are much better than the odds at your local casino. When you play pokies at the casino or pub, the return to player (RTP) is generally close to 87%. What percentage do pokies payout online? It differs per game but either way, the odds are usually pretty good – and they’re a lot better than 87%. The return to player on most online pokies is between 95% and 98%. A general rule for Aussie poker machines is that if they have RTP of 95% or more, they’re considered a top payout game. If you’re starting a new game, check the rules and you’ll find the payout figure listed there.

Do your research. You’ll find plenty of poker machines on Ignition Casino, so have a play around and find a game you like. You might want to choose a progressive jackpot, which allows you to win more significant money (the more people who play the game without a big win, the higher the jackpot becomes – and hey, SOMEONE’s going to win it!). Read the instructions of the games and the terms and conditions to find out more about the payouts and odds. It’ll help you bet more wisely.

Know your options. At the casino or pub, you can generally bet to win on a small variety of lines – you can choose five lines, ten lines, 20 or 50 lines. On the odd occasion, you might find a machine that allows you to bet 100 lines. But playing online you can choose odd and even numbers and choose any number of lines you like. Lucky number Legs 11? You can bet on 11 lines if you want. And the dollar value of your game can change at any point as well. If you want to bet 1c on 50 lines, you can do that. Or you can bet $1 per line and play five lines. Playing at different times of day can also increase your chance of winning – if you play at peak hour (usually around dinner time), you’ll find your chance of winning is a lot lower than if you were to get on before sunrise.

Playing Poker Machines Australia

Considering bringing the casino to your home? You’ve probably already wondered, can you buy a pokie machine?

The simple answer is no. It’s currently illegal to own a gaming machine in Australia unless you have a gaming machine license. But why would you want to anyway, when you have Ignition Casino and can play any game you like, online, from the comfort of your lounge? When it comes to poker machines, Ignition Casino offers an abundance of options online.

So, which pokie machine is the best? None of them, and all of them. There’s no sure way to answer this question. It just depends on the experience you’re after. Every machine has a different payout structure, different house edge, and different pictures that scroll through when you play. Take a look around our site and choose a game that stands out to you. Play a few different games so you can get to know the rules, and remember, there are free games on offer as well that allow you to practice your skills before you start betting real money!

Have fun, and most importantly, gamble responsibly!